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I strongly have the believe in the existence of God, and I know that there is a supreme being known as Jesus Christ who was sent by God to deliver his people from the captivities of life. Good in his supremacy as all the power to do all things at his disposal but he chooses to use men in some cases to solve the problem of the world through his own supremacy.

Yes, I know that God calls people to work for him, and he equips them with various power and grace to function under a great auction and also gives various promises and even some times makes covenant with them to make sure that this relationship is sealed with a great bond, Yes I know. And so men that are called by God finds it so hard in the first instance to obey the voices they are hearing or the message that was sent to them but as time goes on, they eventually listen to God and leave their profession in other to work for God. And God in his infinite Mercy will guide them and protect them in all their ramifications of life.

And these people that are sincerely called by God don’t beg for food before they eat or even cater for their families,and so they are living happily and doing the works of God and are also celebrated all over the world.

But it is so unfortunate today that people now see calling by God a profession that they can just jump into at any point in time, immediately they noticed that they are unable to feed themselves or lost their jobs they venture into what we all know as Minisry, they start to shout up and down on radio, television and all over the social medias that people should come for all sort of miracles and deliverance, so even go as far as visiting herbalist for powers all in the name of “calling”. they will start selling anointing oils, water,donations. and different miracles will be practiced as they will ask their members to lick their sweat before miracles can be done, teaching of various doctrine such as teaching members how to speak in tongues, their preachings are all on prosperity and making of money, no salvation preachings, no repentance and preaching about heaven. they go as far as turning Bible up side down (preaching heresy) and making riches by fire by force.

As for the writer, am not here to condemn any body, am just speaking for who cares to read and listen and also find ways of amending your ways. Not every thing that gilter are gold but i tell you all gold are gilter. there are still real pastors but the ones I tagged Yahoo pastors are all over every where.

Take no offense in my write up, stay bless, this is year 2020 have a good rethink and let your impact be felt positively. THANKS

Writer: Abolarin Ayoola

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