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ME AND MY ARTICLES (November Edition)





The only constant thing in this life is change, apart from this no other thing is constant. Human beings are bound to change in sizes, age and shapes. Our intelligent quotents also changes and we have different views about things as we grow older and also our thinking takes various dimensions.

Your eyes of understanding tends to be enlighten as you grow older and also the present situations becomes past experiences. People show different levels of maturity as they grow older and smile over their childhood stage when they remember their behaviors.

The saying goes does“Whatsoever we do today will authomatically be history tommorow.”So for every dispensation, for every season there is an appointed time for it to elapse and be regarded as history.

It is the little child of today that will surely be the grown up man and woman tommorow. And so as the Earth is revolving everyday so is history been made and people keeps changing gradually from one stage to the other.

Years have passed, months upon months and people keeps dieing and babies are been giving birth to. History keeps repeating itself and life goes on with no remedy. The young are getting old and the old are passing away. People that are seen today becomes history tommorow and so this makes life a big mystery for those living in it.

There is possibility of meeting people in a day, and that may be the last time both of you will hear from yourselfs.

Once I was young, now I must surely admit that I am getting older day after day and must be ready to take the full responsibility of myself.

Every blessed day is full of it’s own story as there are many things to be told, every seconds and minute is full of drama to be talked about and there will continue to be tales by moon light.

Thanks to God almighty that we are growing and keeps moving, we are not where we used to be, there as been alot of changes from time to time and we appreciate the most high God for the good deeds he has done for us.



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